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I’m Kiera, a twentysomething post-grad living on a barely shoestring budget just trying to navigate life in the “real world”. When I chose to move to a new city for grad school, I knew I would have to be far away from everyone that I hold dear to my heart. One of the things I miss most is meeting up with my girlfriends over a good cocktail (or 3! lol) and talking about life, men, food and everything under the sun.

I want this blog to become an online destination for other girls like me just trying to make it on our own for the very first time. I want to share in the struggle of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, talk about issues that are going on around us and of course share a cocktail or two! Just know that every fitness challenge, lifestyle tip, cocktail and recipe I post are things that I have tried or am trying right along with you!

Here’s to a good time together! I hope to see you again!


Kiera ღ