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I’m Kiera, a passionate twentysomething trying to figure out what it takes to be a successful adult. As I’ve moved to new cities, navigated grad school, built new personal and professional relationships, and just managed to survive from one day to the next, I’ve found myself longing for the comfort of meeting up with my best girlfriends over a good cocktail (or 3! lol) and talking about just about everything under the sun.

I knew I wasn’t the only out there feeling this way and I wanted to create a place for all of us to come together. 

This blog is an online destination for young women like myself who are just trying to make it on our own. Here we share in the struggle of establishing a healthy lifestyle, talk about some of  issues that are going on around us and of course share a cocktail or two!

You can be confident that every fitness challenge, lifestyle tip, cocktail and recipe I post are things that I have tried or am trying right along with you!

Here’s to a good time together!


Kiera ღ