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October 13, 2017

Hi everyone! I know I have been uncharacteristically MIA, only appearing on IG to drop some motivation and positivity when I have a minute. I’m just been so busy with working 2 jobs and living life that I haven’t been able to commit as much time to my blog as usual. But I promise to do better and have some things coming down the pipeline! For now, I just wanted to check in, give some general life updates and see how I’ve been doing on the goals I set for myself in my 2016 Year in Review post.

So as I mentioned, I’m working 2 jobs right now. One at the hospital which I absolutely love, another at a popular retail store that is starting to wear on me a little. This has been really good for my goal to save money and get out from under my debt. I’ve also really curved my shopping habits which has been difficult at times but being that I’m always in work clothes, not too much. My credit card remains hidden from myself, only to be used in major emergencies.

On top of that I’m applying to med school again (which is where all my money goes now) and really hustling to make some contacts and put my name out there so this time doesn’t end like the last one. I’m confident that I’ll land somewhere and this time next year I’ll be posting all the cocktails I drank after passing a super hard exam.

Remaining positive and practicing self care are always a struggle especially with a schedule like mine. I’ve started bullet journaling (which is amazing!) and it’s really helped me to not only set aside time to process my various moods and the events of my day but is in itself a form of self care. I am absolutely obsessed with it and I promise to tell y’all all about it in an upcoming post!

I’m basically out here trying to flourish and thrive just like everyone else. Don’t think I’ll be getting my passport stamped this year 😔 but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my local vacations, mostly for the company (hey babe 😍), and being able to explore new parts of this gigantic state I live in. Cocoa Beach, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg are all wonderful places with beautiful beaches. Headed back to my alma mater for Homecoming in a couple weeks and that is sure to be amazing as well. I get to reunite with my sorority sisters! 😁


Despite the craziness happening in the world, life is pretty great and I can’t do much complaining! Let me know how y’all are doing on your yearly goals and what you’d like to see from me in the near future! Comment below or reach out to me on Twitter @cocktailswithk or IG @cocktailswithkiera. I can’t wait to hear from you!


Kiera ღ

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