30 Day Self Care Challenge

January 19, 2017

Hey there Cocktail Lovers! I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to their 2017. Mine has been going pretty well (😍😁) and I’m actually really happy with the current direction of my life. I’m so grateful for growth and change in the new year!

In the past week though, things have been starting to take a dark turn. President Obama is leaving office today and everyone is really anxious and fearful about what is to come with the new administration. I love to see people springing to action and getting involved in the political process, protesting and fighting for what they believe in. But the stress can take a toll on you and I wanted to take some time to encourage us all to participate in self care along the way. It’s necessary for your mental health and your overall well-being!

I found a great self-care challenge on Pinterest courtesy of Brianna Fae and I am so excited to get this started. I usually wait to start challenges at the beginning of the month, but this is really necessary right now so we’re gonna start tomorrow, January 20th.

So every day for the next 30 days we are gonna do the assigned self care activity listed below.

Day 1: Open your planner.  Write down any upcoming events or appointments.  Block out some days to use as relaxation days with no extra obligations.

Day 2: Take a relaxing bath or shower.  Use a product with a pleasant scent or color, use warm water, light candles, and/or listen to music.

Day 3: Catch up on a show you enjoy, or watch a movie or video you’ve been meaning to watch.

Day 4: Clean out your social media feeds.  Unfollow/unfriend anyone who brings you down, unlike pages with content that upsets you or is no longer relevant to you, unfollow or leave groups and chats that spam you with notifications.

Day 5:  Clean a room in your house.  Organize an area, sweep/vacuum the floor, put things away.

Day 6: Do your laundry, fold it, and put it away.

Day 7: Eat something healthy.

Day 8: Make a playlist of music that puts you in a good mood. Listen to it.

Day 9: Make a list of your favorite food, music, colors, anything.

Day 10: Write down as many positive things about yourself as you can.

Day 11: Color, draw, create something. It doesn’t have to be amazing.

Day 12: Consult with an expert on something that’s been bothering you. Talk to a doctor, therapist, or an expert in any field that you need advice in- medical, academic, or anything else.

Day 13: Read something that makes you happy. It can be anything- a book, a letter, poetry, spiritual/religious texts, an e-mail, etc.

Day 14: Make a list of people you can reach out to when you need someone to talk to.

Day 15: Do something outside.

Day 16: Give back. Donate something, or your time, to a worthy cause.

Day 17: Plan something to look forward to.

Day 18: Do an exercise activity that you enjoy, or discover a new one.

Day 19: Play a game you enjoy.

Day 20: Make a list of the things you love about yourself.  Then, make a list of the things you love about 3 other people, whether you know them personally or not.

Day 21: Shred and dispose of papers you no longer need.

Day 22: Be honest about how you’re feeling today.  Talk to someone about it.

Day 23: Make a list of everything you’ve accomplished so far.  The time frame doesn’t matter.

Day 24.  Keep track of how much water you’re drinking today.  Are you drinking enough?

Day 25: Catch up with someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Day 26: Create a plan to budget or save your money.

Day 27: Connect with people that you have things in common with through a forum, group, blog, etc.; online or in person.

Day 28: Tell someone how much you appreciate them today.

Day 29: Wear anything that makes you feel good about yourself.

Day 30: Reflect on which self-care activities you want to do more often.

I will be posting my progress on Instagram and Twitter each day, sharing what I did/or plan to do that day. I encourage you to share with me and get your friends involved. It is so important for us to take care of ourselves above all else!


Kiera ღ

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