Baked Potato Skins

June 8, 2016

I would not have survived college if not for fried mozzarella sticks and loaded potato skins from TGI Friday’s. Friday’s was my late night eatery of choice and probably about 20% of the reason for my many fluctuations in waist size.

Lately I’ve been craving some Friday’s fare but when I took the not-so-short drive to my nearest Friday’s I was only satisfied for a short time. My beloved fried mozzarella sticks and loaded potato skins left me with an upset stomach the next day. I avoid fried food as much as possible and that extreme dose of grease and dairy and whatever else really messed me up. And much to my melodramatic despair, my craving had only grown. So I searched, found and successfully created a lighter version of those beloved loaded potato skins. Y’all know I love recipe conversions and these were so good I just had to share!

Baked Potato Skins

Image from Bite Me More
Image from Bite Me More

When I made these last week I immediately wanted to go to the store and buy more potatoes to do it again. They came out so crispy and delicious I really had to force myself not to eat all 8 skins in one sitting.

Getting 1/2-inch of potato on the sides and bottom was not an exact science. I just made sure to leave enough that the bottoms wouldn’t burn and it turned out just fine. I also made mashed potatoes with the scooped out insides rather than discarding them and those came out great as well. I chose to make half of these with turkey bacon and half without and they are good either way so this can be a good vegetarian option as well. Now to find a good alternative for those fried mozzarella sticks.

Let me know how this recipe works out for you! Share your creations with me on Twitter @cocktailswithk and on Instagram @cocktailswithkiera. Use #cocktailswithkiera in your caption!


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