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April 13, 2016

Hey y’all! It’s been so long since I have posted anything. I have been going through a very emotional time dealing with the passing of my grandmother and needless to say blogging has been the furthest thing from my mind. It’s not really something I can write or talk about in depth yet but faith and family are keeping me going during this trying time. As everything is beginning to settle into the new normal I realize just how much I miss blogging and interacting with my readers. So here I am!

Over the Lenten season, I briefly became a vegetarian. I gave up meat for Lent which was incredibly difficult for me to do. I am a protein eater and don’t feel satisfied with a meal unless I’ve had some protein. I went from eating tons of poultry, fish and occasionally beef to relying on beans and eggs as major sources of protein. It was a difficult 40 days but I made it through! I found a couple recipes I really loved and felt were worth sharing.

First up, Vegetarian Chili Mac! This recipe was super easy to make, tasted so good and made so much I almost didn’t get to finish it before it went bad! Thanks budgetbytes!

Vegetarian Chili Mac

The picture doesn’t even do the amount justice. I ate from this batch for over a week and barely finished because it was so much. I recommend freezing some for later if you aren’t sharing because it is just so much to get through!

Salads also became my best friend. Usually I forego a salad and dump the spinach and cucumber into a blender for the beginnings of a green smoothie but as a vegetarian, salads became a staple meal. I threw just about every vegetable, bean and nut you can imagine over spinach or romaine. But my absolute favorite was the Avocado & Tomato Salad that I threw together on a day I was over spinach.

Avocado & Tomato Salad

This was a great lunch time option and I like how easy it is to throw together. Super yummy!

Being a vegetarian for 40 days was the ultimate struggle but there is hope if you choose to go meatless for a period of time as well! Let me know how you like these recipes and if you enjoy me as much as I did. Share your creations with me on Instagram @cocktailswithkiera or Twitter @cocktailswithk.


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