My Transformation Through Positivity

November 16, 2015

Happy Monday everyone!

As I’ve casually mentioned in previous posts, the Summer of 2015 was nothing short of traumatic for me. Without going into all the gritty details, I went through a pretty difficult breakup and being so far away from the people I care most about it took me awhile to come through it. After being with someone for almost my entire adult life up to that point, I had no idea what to do next. It was honestly one of the most difficult things I have had to go through.

I’ve been filling out applications for my next phase of grad school and wrapping up this Master’s program and as I close this chapter of my life and look forward to the next, I have spent some time reflecting on my growth in this time period. When I think about myself this past summer and where I am today, I feel like a new woman. I feel so far away from that girl and honestly it wasn’t that long ago. I asked myself what has made all the difference? How have you made such great progress? Well I would be nothing without my support system but my own self-healing came when I learned how to better incorporate positivity into my life.

I, like everyone else, spend much of my time speeding from one activity to the next, checking off each task as I go. I didn’t spend a lot of time stopping to be consciously grateful for all the good & positive things happening around me. There is so much good in my life and I wanted to stop and take time to appreciate it, even in the midst of some of the darkest times in my life.

I started writing a list of positives from my day before I went to bed each night. At first the lists started off really short with things like “I’m alive”, “I cried less than yesterday”, and “I only ate one pint of ice cream today”. As time went on, the lists started getting longer and their nature changed. Although “I’m alive” always tops the list, I started including things like “I cooked my favorite meal”, “I helped someone else feel better today”, “I watched my favorite movie” and others along those lines. The positivity lists became a habit and I noticed my thought process changing as I went about my day. I was often looking for the positives so I could add them to my list later on that night. Even in negative situations, I was looking for the silver lining. My lists were getting longer and longer and suddenly I was smiling again. I started to feel happier and more like myself. I felt the broken pieces coming together and I felt stronger and empowered to move forward with my life, come out of the darkness and allow myself to continue on my path to greatness.

My purpose in writing this post is really to encourage you all to incorporate positivity into your life and use it as a means to strengthen your resolve to achieve your goals even in the face of adversity. Life is hard, especially for us twentysomethings who are just trying to get on solid ground and be productive adults. Talking to my sisters and friends everyday, I realize just how much we go through as young women. Social media is also a HUGE trap for negativity (the block button is your best friend!). We have to remember that there’s always something positive in your life to be grateful for.

I know it sounds so cliche but I really encourage you all to find your own way to better incorporate positivity in your life. Start a new journal like I did. Make some notes on your phone when something positive happens. Encourage your friends to join in and spend a short time each day reviewing your positives together. However you choose to be positive, I just encourage you to live in the love and light!


Kiera ღ

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