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The Jacobs Ladder: My Latest Workout Obsession

September 20, 2015

I must be honest….I hate cardio machines. I ran track all through high school and got really used to that outdoor running which gives you a free feeling like no other. I feel like a hamster on a wheel on pretty much all cardio machines. There’s like one that I really like and it’s the only one I use when I go to the gym. But since I’m on this journey to be healthier and get in shape I need to diversify my cardio routine.

Right across from my favorite machine is my old friend the Jacobs Ladder. In case you don’t know the Jacobs Ladder is an angled, self-propelled, ladder-like cardio machine which is very popular in military training. It literally requires your entire body and burns more calories per minute than most other cardio machines. This thing is the real deal.

I first heard about this amazingly torturous machine watching the Biggest Loser. It was one of Jillian’s favorite machines for her team. We had one at my college gym and I was a regular user. When I was in shape, I used to love it! I just felt so awesome and powerful. But when I tried getting back on it recently…I almost died. It was awful! But now I have made it my mission to once again conquer the Jacobs Ladder. So I found a great workout from Equinox that I’m going to incorporate into my workout this week!

jacobs ladder workout
Image by Furthermore from Equinox

Follow the link above to learn more about the Jacobs Ladder and this workout routine. I’ll be sharing my progress on Twitter so make sure you are following @cocktailswithk! I hope you join in with me and share your progress as well!

Happy working out! Have a great week!


Kiera ღ

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