August Squat Challenge Recap

August 31, 2015

Alright so August is over…and so is my summer…and so is the squat challenge!

Overall I think it went really well! The squats got progressively more difficult as the days went on. It wasn’t until this last week that I really started to struggle though. My thighs and butt definitely felt the burn from the isometric and pop squats. And that Final Super Set….INSANITY! Like have you ever done the Insanity workouts?! That’s how I felt. More because I was pushing myself to do them all without too much of a break but OMG!

Now I know the big question is Did It Work?

My answer…yes! Now I’m not saying that the differences are huge and I suddenly have the perfect JLo/Beyonce booty that I dream of. But I have noticed significant changes. My butt is more firm, and I have noticed a little lift. I mean my butt looks really good in my workout pants and even my jeans so I’m happy. I should mention that I coupled my squats with moderate cardio 2-3 times a week and ab work every day. I’m proud of my progress in my month of fitness!

I encourage you all to try this squat challenge and share how it goes for you!

I haven’t planned a fitness challenge for September but I think I will continue squatting and see what my results are after 60 days. Always working for that JLo/Beyonce perfect booty!


Kiera ღ

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