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Fitness Challenge: 30 Days of Squats

August 3, 2015

It’s a new month and I have some new goals. I’ve been hard at work all summer and neglecting a serious workout routine. Although I walk pretty much everywhere and get some good cardio in despite the heat, it’s time to get back to it so August is going to be all about fitness for me.

squat challenge
Image from Fitness Magazine

I don’t quite have time to make it to the gym just yet so I’m all about the at home workout. I have decided to do the 30-day squat challenge from Fitness Magazine.

I chose this particular challenge because of the variety of squats and low number of reps. I have tried squat challenges before that make you add a certain number each day but once we hit more than like 150 I find it hard to keep up, especially if I am going to incorporate this into a workout routine.

I also like how Fitness has easy to follow GIFs for every exercise which makes it really easy to know what you should be doing. I have never heard of a pistol squat but looking at this lovely demonstration, I feel more confident in my abilities to do one.

pistol squat
GIF from Fitness Magazine

Here’s the link to the challenge again just in case you missed it above. I’ll periodically update ya’ll on how I’m doing. The first couple days have been good so far although my butt is pretty sore lol Hopefully some of you will join in too and we can share in our soreness struggles together! Here’s to sculpting that perfect J.Lo/Yoncé booty and getting in shape this month!


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